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September 28, 2012, 9:38 am



Aatish movie photos

    Aatish movie Videos

    Duration 155
    Genre Drama, Romance
    Release date 10.01.1994
    Slogan Feel The Fire
    Director Sanjay Gupta
    Box office
    Producer G.P. Sippy
    Music Composer

    Baba and Avinash are brothers who lives in a shanty house with their widowed mother, who makes a living as a housemaid. When a stalker attempts to rape their mother, Baba knives him to death, and the three, along with an orphan named Nawab, take shelter with a underworld don named Uncle. Baba would like Avinash to study and make something of his life, in order to help his brother study he decides to make crime his career. When Avinash completes his studies he becomes a police officer on his first assignment he learns his brother Baba and friend Nawab are on the most wanted criminal list.

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    ... Baba
    ... Nawab
    ... as Karishma Kapoor)
    ... Nisha
    ... Kaniya
    ... Sunny
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